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Jackson-Lloyd works hard every day to fill your non-subscriber needs.  From our quality non-subscriber policy forms to our commercial excess liability, as well as our top notch service, we are here to serve you!


Since the Texas Supreme Court decision in 1917, it has been a legal option for Texas private employers to opt out of the traditional workers' compensation system.


Jackson-Lloyd can tailor make an alternative workers' compensation plan for your client.


Texas Coverage Includes:

Texas Occupational Shield  - Our flagship policy that offers very comprehensive coverage including Employers' Liability and also affords legal defense.


Texas Accident Shield - Accident coverage for accounts that do not require Employers' Liability.


Texas Occupational Reserve Policy - Entry level insurance protection for the price conscious client.  The "Reserve" policy is also a choice for clients who are bare and desire coverage.  This unique policy form also allows your client to "buy-back" coverage points to fit their specific needs.


Section 44-505(a)(1)​ of the Kansas Statutes Annotated exempts "agricultural pursuits and employments incident thereto" from the Kansas Workers Compensation Act of 1974.

Kansas Coverage Includes:


Kansas Exempt Workers Policy - A comprehensive alternative to a workers' compensation plan that includes Employers' Liability and also affords legal defense.


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